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Training & Support Pricing

Pricing based on your individual and business needs.

Supporting You With Xero

We offer a number of training and support packages and these services particularly suits businesses that:

  • Seek training to do the bookkeeping themselves the right way
  • Want to improve knowledge in how to run their business finances effectively
  • Are new business start-ups or established businesses with changing needs
  • Are ready to move from spreadsheets to a bookkeeping software
  • Have heard about cloud based bookkeeping softwares and want to know more
  • Want help to choose and set up their bookkeeping software
  • Are keen to review existing financial systems and be more efficient

As busy business owners, you can’t be an expert in everything and you probably don’t have time either to do lots of research into the right bookkeeping software options for you and to work through training programmes or videos to learn to do your bookkeeping yourself – this is where we can help you.

Here’s an overview and pricing for some of the training and support options we offer:

Xero Set-Up

If you are just starting out with Xero, we can get this set up for you so that it meets all your business and accounting requirements.

Set-up includes setting up your templates, tailoring your chart of account, creating your bank feeds, connecting your VAT to HMRC.

Prices start from £149 plus VAT


Xero Training

Our Xero workshops and 1-2-1 training are designed to enable you to maximise what Xero can do for you and your business.

Practical training delivered in person or via Zoom either with real-life application and examples at a level that’s right for your needs.

Prices start from £275 plus VAT for workshop or £79 per hour plus VAT for 1 to 1 training.

Pay as You Go Xero Support

Adhoc support and the peace of mind of knowing someone is on hand to help you with any questions or queries you may have.

Live support where we show you how to do something on Xero either on the phone or via Zoom to help get you the answers that you need.

Prices start from £39 per hour plus VAT (min £20 fee) (see below) 

Xero Health Checks

A bit like the MOT for your vehicle your Xero health check ensures your Xero bookkeeping is being done effectively and efficiently.

Our health check provides you with a user – friendly report highlighting what’s been checked which we discuss on a follow up phone call.

£149 plus VAT



Xero App Advisory

Identifying apps that integrate with Xero to provide you and your business with greater efficiencies between systems.

We work with you to understand the needs of your business and find the right app that will work for you business and integrate it in Xero for you.

Prices start from £299 plus VAT


If you need some help with your bookkeeping or administration to give you more time and peace of mind, please contact us today:

Saturday morning training slots are available!

If you would like to arrange a time for a call or meeting at your convenience, please click the button below to find a time which suits you.