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How We Price Our Bookkeeping

Straightforward packages or tailored solutions bespoke to your needs and budget.

Bookkeeping Pricing

We find that your turnover is not always a true indicator of the time needed to do your bookkeeping so our bookkeeping quotations are based on the volume of transactions we need to process and the complexity of your business requirements.

When we speak to you, we find out from you about the different types and approximate numbers of transactions you have in your business. We put this together with the type of service that you need from us and provide you with a tailored quotation.

Pricing Options

We can provide fixed fee packages which enable you to know exactly how much you will be paying each month. This allows you to plan your cash flow and ensures no nasty surprises.

Alternatively, we can work on a tailored solution which may see the price you pay fluctuate each month. Once we understand your business we will be able to make a recommendation appropriate to your business and needs.

Prices for bookkeeping training can be found within the dedicated training areas of our website.

No Long-Term Tie Ins

We appreciate that businesses evolve over time and the services you need from us may change. To support our relationship and ensure you have the flexibility in your business needed, we do not ask our clients to sign a contract to work with us for a certain period of time – we just ask for a months’ notice. . This means you are not tied into any long term arrangement should your business change or the services you need increase or decrease.

Free No Obligation Quotation

If you are looking to get support with your bookkeeping, either as a one-off or ongoing basis, get in touch by completing the form below. We offer a free no obligation quotation to any businesses wanting to explore the cost of getting help with their bookkeeping.

Getting Started – the practical steps

If you have a tradesperson coming to your house to look at your electrics, you expect that until a full diagnosis has been done and it is fully understood how things are working, he or she won’t know exactly what work needs to be done and how long it will take to fix. We find the same in our line of work and therefore our method of pricing allows us to give the guarantee of a fixed fee and assurance that your accounting is in good shape before we start as well as allowing us the opportunity to work with you long enough to ensure we can fully meet your business needs before we finalised fees with you for the longer term. We like transparency and it means we can make sure that we are all on board, there are no surprises and the fees work for everyone.

Stage 1 – Based on the information you give us initially, we will provide you with a fixed fee quotation which will be guaranteed for the first 3 month period which acts as a trial period.

Stage 2 – Upon acceptance of our quotation, if you are already on Xero then we will usually conduct a Xero Health Check of your Xero. This allows us to identify early on if there are any historical issues that we need to help you resolve outside of the bookkeeping service you have already engaged us for. There is a one of fee of £75 or £149 plus VAT for this one off Health Check – depending on the size and complexity of the accounts.
If there is any remedial work to be done we can then let you know at that stage what needs to be sorted out and you can either get that solved yourself, through your previous provider or ask us to do that for you at our standard bookkeeping rates.

Stage 3 – Following our first 3 month period of working with you, it’s a great opportunity to review with you how everything is going. We will have a really good idea of your business and how we can streamline our processes and this puts us in a much more informed position to provide you with a longer term fixed fee quote. By then you may also have decided you want to tweak the service you have with us based on your experience and so can factor in any changes you may want. When we then agree a new fixed fee (which may be higher or lower than the initial fixed fee), we probably won’t need to talk about fees again until the next annual review date in your engagement letter. If your business or volume of work significantly changes during that time we can always bring this conversation forward if it is helpful.

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