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Part-Time Finance Director

Providing you with a higher level of financial expertise when you need it.

What Is A Part-Time Finance Director and Why Could I Need One?

As businesses scale up, they can find themselves, in addition to the bookkeeping services, needing a higher level of financial expertise in the business but without the hefty costs and commitment of recruiting a full-time Finance Director employee.

A part-time Finance Director will be an experienced financial professional and someone who usually has had much experience in the real world of managing a business. They provide a strategic approach, working with you to achieve your business goals and meet your financial aspirations. They can also help you head off or deal with financial risks that you may not otherwise foresee or have the experience previously of managing.

What Can A Part-Time Finance Director Help With?

As an experienced finance professional, your part-time Finance Director can help with a number of tasks, these could include:

  • Providing you with insightful financial information to help you make better decisions in your business
  • Strategic planning and forecasting
  • Structuring the business to manage the growth
  • Managing financial problems
  • Obtaining funding and lending solutions
  • Cost reduction
  • Profit analysis and profit improvement
  • Acting as an objective sounding board for your plans and ideas – someone to challenge you and help you make sound commercial and financial decisions
  • Guiding your existing finance team to provide the key systems and information needed
  • Preparing your business for sale
  • Business acquisition

How Will My Part-Time Finance Director Work With My Business?

Part-time Finance Directors will usually agree to work with you for so many days each week or month. It is very much up to you to decide between you what you want to achieve and what time commitment is needed.

At The Bookkeeping Department, on your request, we will introduce you to experienced part-time Finance Directors we know well that we feel could suit you and your business. You would meet with them, choose who you want to work with and engage with them directly for the services that you agree upon to support you and your business.

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