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Xero Add-On Softwares We Rate

There are lots of software which interact with Xero and we work with many.  However, these are the softwares which we have most expertise in.  We are always willing to share our experiences with you.


If you have customer that you are doing repeat business with, getting your customers to sign up by direct debit can be a good way of reducing the time and effort you would have to make to follow up with customers to get paid. We like Go Cardless for Xero because you can link it with Xero so that when you send your invoice from Xero to your customer, Go Cardless will automatically put the process in motion to take payment by direct debit. There are fees to pay of course but it can save a lot of time and enhance cashflow.

Please see website for further details


If you don’t want to incur any fees but you want to make it as easy as possible to get your customer to pay you, one way to do this would be to link your Xero with Crezco. The customer will receive your invoice with a Pay Now button on it – when they click on it they can login to their bank account and make the payment much more quickly than if they did this separately and manually. This is because all your bank details and the amount is already set up and they only need to login and approve this. At the time of writing, Crezco do not currently charge for this service.

Please see website for further details

Hubdoc/Dext Prepare or Datamolino

All 3 of these softwares help our bookkeeping processes to be more streamlined and automated. Using the technology, we benefit from the softwares extracting key data from the receipts or purchase invoices which minimises the input required.

There is different pricing in play and different features so if you want to know more about what may be right for you, please do get in touch. Here are their website links:

Dext Commerce

This is a very effective product if you are an online retailer with multiple income streams coming in from Amazon, Paypal, Shopify, Etsy, Square etc. It helps to pull all the sales information together in a way which reduces the time needed to account for all of this.

Please see website for further details


If you have members of staff that you want to be able to make purchases for the business independently of you but without having to go through the lengthy process of getting them bank cards or credit cards, pre-paid Pleo cards could be the answer. You can control levels of spend whilst also giving them autonomy. We like this as it is easy to use for everyone. At the time of writing, Pleo is currently free for up to 3 card users.

Please see their website for further details


There are many of these tools out there but we like this one because it is so easy to use. You can have the app on your phone and record your mileage as you go or you can once a month just enter the data in for the past month. All you have to do is enter you from and to locations and tick as to whether there was a return journey. It calculates the mileage for you and also the VAT element. It can then be published straight into Xero. Please see their website for pricing

Xenon Connect

This is a great tool for helping us evaluate the bookkeeping health of a new client when we take it on. We also use this as an additional tool on some clients with high volume transactions as it is very helpful for identifying duplicate entries for example.

Please see their website for further details