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Monthly Finance Meetings

Gaining insight through your monthly numbers.

Monthly Finance Meetings Can Make A Difference

As busy business owners, having the formal structure in place for monthly finance meetings can make a huge difference to how you operate and your profitability.

Whether you are working independently or part of a management team, taking the time to review and interrogate the numbers to ensure they reflect what you expect and to look at actions you can take to improve your business profitability is really important.

Working To Your Agenda

The agenda is yours to determine but we would recommend, as a minimum, covering the following areas in your monthly finance meetings:

  • Review of P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Sales/turnover
  • Profit margins
  • Liabilities for VAT/Ctax/PAYE/Loans
  • Creditors: other monies owed
  • Managing/minimising costs
  • Debtors/Credit control/Cashflow
  • Systems/process enhancements
  • Future plans

How We Help You

We know how crucial these meetings are to your business success. The time to stop and reflect on the numbers ensures you know where you are, and can highlight any potential problems so you can act and make changes if needed. Similarly, if your numbers are showing areas of significant cost saving or revenue generation, you will be able to see if there’s the opportunity to learn from this and grow your bottom line further.

As your bookkeepers, we can help to facilitate your monthly finance meetings. We set up the meetings, prepare the financial information, the agenda and attend the meeting to answer your questions about the data and steer the conversation to the topics which need to be focused on. Letting us take the lead frees you up from the time consuming preparation and organisation and you can come to the meeting with everything set up to go and nothing for you to worry about.

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