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Payroll Services

Personal, accurate and timely payroll services for your business and employees.
Payroll Services

Why would you outsource your payroll services to a payroll specialist?

There are many reasons including;

  • Ensuring your employees always get paid correctly and on time
  • Providing assurance that you have complied with HMRC requirements
  • Reducing the time you spend keeping up to date with the latest changes in legislation and payroll process changes as this is part of the service
  • Not having to employ and train someone in your own business to do this
  • Saving you valuable time which can be spent elsewhere in the business
  • It’s not as costly as you may think

How our payroll services support your business

Payroll can be run weekly, fortnightly or monthly and you can decide on the frequency and dates of payments.

Each pay period you will advise us of any amendments to payroll information e.g. a change to employee’s personal information, overtime, bonuses, salary changes, sickness or other absence. We will then run your payroll and calculate:

  • Gross to net pay
  • Tax and National Insurance Contributions
  • Student Loan deductions
  • Statutory Payments including SSP, SMP, SPP and SAP
  • Pension contributions
  • Attachment of Earnings Orders

You will then be provided with:

  • Payslips or ability for employees to access them via a secure portal
  • Payroll reports
  • P45’s for leavers
  • Confirmation of how much PAYE you need to pay
  • P60s at the end of the Tax Year

Every pay period we will:

  • Submit Real Time Information (RTI) submissions, including Full Payment Submission or Employer Payment Summary to HMRC.
Payroll Services Support
Payroll Services Support

How we provide a personalised payroll service

We work with a local and UK-based payroll company who provide payroll services for many of our bookkeeping clients. They are a small team of payroll specialists with many years of payroll knowledge and experience behind them, and there are very few scenarios they haven’t seen before.

When we start working with you we will look at which software is right for you. Both Sage and Xero provide software to run your payroll for you. There is no cost of payroll software if you use Sage. If you already subscribe to Xero, and want to use Xero for your payroll, then you will pay a subscription fee to use Xero payroll.

If you have an existing payroll that you would like us to look after for you or you would like to set one up for you, it’s no problem – we can help with either.

As much as the technology really helps us, we haven’t lost the personal touch and our payroll specialist is available at the end of a phone if you have any payroll questions you need help with.

How much it costs

We keep our payroll fees very simple and transparent these are displayed below.

Initial fees for Payroll Set Up (you can select just those you require)
Set up of PAYE scheme £45 plus VAT
Set up of Payroll software (Sagepay or Xero) £45 plus VAT
Set up of NEST pension scheme £45 plus VAT
Remedial payroll work for previous periods - charged by the hour £45 per month
Regular Payroll Costs
Monthly or weekly payroll run (for up to 10 staff) £35 per pay run (after 10 employees additional £2 per payslip)
Pension administration per payroll run (for up to 10 staff) £10 per month
Director only monthly payroll £30 per month

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