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Pay As You Go Xero Support

Giving you the peace of mind of knowing help is on hand

Pay As You Go Xero Support

Have you been trained on Xero or self taught, but feel you sometimes need some extra Xero support now and then when particular queries or issues crop up?

Do you sometimes want another person to have a look at something for you and make sure you’ve done it correctly?

Are you someone who likes hands on and personal support rather than using a software’s email support facilities or who doesn’t have the time to do the research and work it out themselves?

Our Pay as you go Xero Support Service can help you.

Who We Help


  • Businesses or bookkeepers who are new to Xero who want a helping hand
  • Businesses who want to do their own bookkeeping in-house who need occasional support
  • Businesses needing to move on to a Making Tax Digital compliant software and need some help to get started
  • Bookkeepers working in a business where they are the only person with Xero expertise and need back up support when something new arises
  • Businesses who want to use Xero more effectively and efficiently

“I have no hesitation in recommending The Bookkeeping Department.

I am new to Xero so attended one of their group Xero sessions to get me started with all the basic information. I then booked a 1-2-1 which was more specific to my business. I have been looking for a company that was able to provide this service and I am very happy to have found The Bookkeeping Department.

I am now a lot more confident in using Xero and am working my way around the software. Lynne was super helpful, friendly and taught me how to start whizzing through all my income & expenses in no time. I now have all the information I need in front of me for MTD purposes and also keeping regular tabs on how my business is doing. Very happy. The Xero workshop I attended really exceeded my expectations, the content and delivery were both excellent!”


Software Developer

What we do

  • Meet with you on Zoom/Teams and listen to what your questions or Xero issues are
  • Share screens and demonstrate to you how to do something or you can share your screen and we guide you through as you do it
  • Help you learn how to carry out your task in Xero in the most time efficient manner
  • Answer your Xero questions – no question is a silly question
  • Show you how to avoid the same issue occurring again in the future or to set up functionality in Xero which will help you in the future.
  • Meet with you on Zoom on a regular or adhoc basis – whenever you need us and whenever suits you during standard office hours


 What we don’t do

  • Provide this service to someone who has no Xero experience or training at all.  We recommend you book for training first.
  • Do it for you. Our service is there to guide you and to help you learn and understand how you can do things yourself. If after that you decide that there are elements of the bookkeeping process that you want us to do for you then we will provide a quotation for you.
  • Respond to adhoc email support requests as we are not set up for this. You will instead simply book a call with us on Zoom where you can share your screen and we can help you through your issue in a practical and helpful way.
  • Provide accounting or VAT advice as this isn’t something which you will have engaged with us for. However, we can point you in the right direction.

How much does it cost?

Our pay as you go Xero support costs £39 per hour plus VAT.  There is a minimum charge of £20 per hour plus VAT which equates to 30 minutes dedicated Xero support.

How do I get started?

You can just click here to complete our contact form.   

We will then contact you and send you confirmation of access to our service and a link to sign up to direct debit with us so that when we issue an invoice for our service the payment will be taken care of automatically.  We will also then give you a link to book time with us for your Xero support when you need it.

By registering with us, you are under no obligation at all to use our services.  You will have just made sure that when you need us, you can easily access our help and support with your Xero issues.

If you need some help with your bookkeeping or administration to give you more time and peace of mind, please contact us today:

Saturday morning training slots are available!

If you would like to arrange a time for a call or meeting at your convenience, please click the button below to find a time which suits you.