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Xero is a great software and we meet many businesses who are already using it and have lots of positive things to say about how it is helping them in their business.

However, time moves on – your business is constantly evolving and so is the software.  So, how do you know you are really getting as much as you can from your Xero software?

The more you get to know your software and use for it as much as you possibly can within your business, the greater benefits to be had.  Quite often we get started with a new software and invest some time in getting to grips with the but then get distracted by other things before really exploiting everything the system can do for us.

By maximising our usage of the system we can gain;

Time back – if we are using the system as efficiently as possible.  This may be time back for the business owner or less staff time needed on financial functions.

Better decision making – if we are extracting and utilising the data from the software to help planning and decision making in the business

Simplified and better processes within the business – by utilising the system efficiencies, ability to work paperlessly and integrating Xero with other softwares.

So here are three ways that you can really make sure you get the most from Xero.

Get good quality Xero training from an experienced Xero Certified Adviser.

With any new software, there is great value in getting some really good training when you implement Xero.  Yes Xero have great online help and training materials, but we meet so many people that want a more personal approach and from someone who has used it extensively and knows the best way to do things, and the pitfalls, to avoid to lead them through the bookkeeping process from start to finish. 

By investing up front in training, you get to learn the full capabilities of the system and also the most efficient ways to work in Xero.   This will save you your time, and therefore money, right from the outset.

Keeping up to date with the developments in software is also very worthwhile.  Xero are investing in developing the technology to enhance how we use it and the automation and so you can take advantage of these new features if you keep up to date with the changes.

Do your own review of how you, as a business, are using your software

You can do this review if it is just you as the business owner using Xero or, if you have a team using it, you can engage them in this thought process.  Some questions to ask yourselves would be;

  • What are the things which take me longer than I would like?
  • What areas of Xero do I not really use?
  • Am I doing other administrative task which I feel like I’m then duplicating in Xero?
  • Could I get rid of spreadsheets I use to manage particular financial elements and rely on Xero instead?
  • Am I still printing too much keeping manual files and could I get rid of these?
  • As well as producing accounts, am I using Xero for greater financial control e.g. budgets, cashflow management, credit control?
  • What financial information do I need to run my business and could I get more from Xero?
  • What other systems do I have in my business – could I stop using these or could I get these to integrate with Xero?
  • Having answered those questions, you may well have then a list of areas you would like to take forward to develop within Xero.

Look at the Xero marketplace which shows you what softwares it can integrate with

What other softwares or systems are you currently using in your business?  Where in your business do you think you need to improve your systems or processes?

You are probably aware that your Xero accounting software has relationships with hundreds of other business apps and softwares that integrate together to streamline, reduce duplication and help you to be really efficient in your business processes.  Click here to view the hundreds of apps currently available in the following areas;

  • Inventory/stock management
  • CRM (customer relationship management) systems
  • Point of sale
  • Receipt/bill and document processing
  • Financial services
  • Payment providers (direct debit, card payments etc)
  • Time tracking
  • Payroll and HR
  • Invoicing and job management
  • Debtor tracking and credit control
  • Document management

There are some real process improvements you can make here by integrating Xero with other softwares you need – duplication of time and effort can be considerably reduced.  So if you are looking for new systems or reviewing the ones you have, it is well worth using the Xero market place as your first place to start.

In Summary

I hope we have through this blog in some small way encouraged you to take a step back from the day to day and to look at whether you can get even more benefits from using Xero than you are currently.  If you would like some help with this, please contact us for a chat on Tel: 01462 455455 or   We are a friendly team of Xero Certified Advisers and love working with small businesses to help them get the most out of Xero.  We provide extensive options for training and support and we also have a Xero app research service to help you find other softwares to link with your Xero.