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I came across this recent blog from Intu Bookkeeping about choosing the right accountant which is well written and there are some really good questions in there to ask when you are choosing an accountant.

From a bookkeeper’s perspective, we obviously work with many accountants in the year end handover process and we get to see that not all accountants work in the same way. Some may want you to use a particular accounting software or to work to particular deadlines.  Some meet with their clients during the year and others will just have contact at the year end.  Some will just handle the compliance side of accounting and others will be more involved in helping the business grow or to make strategic decisions. Neither is necessarily right or wrong, it is just worth thinking about what you want from your accountant before you start the process. Do you just want someone to do the year end work or do you want more regular contact and support from your accountant as you develop your business?

Some of the traits that we really value as bookkeepers are accountants that;

  1. Have a genuine interest in the client and their business and act in their best interest
  2. Will work in partnership with us as bookkeepers to make sure there is a smooth year end process and will happily speak to us during the year if we have query about how they would like something in particular handled from a bookkeeping perspective.
  3. Are pro-active and help the client ahead of the year end so that there is time to maximise their tax position or to take any other actions which will help their business
  4. Like the cloud based softwares as we know our clients really value the accessibility and flexibility that these softwares provide

It’s a very personal choice choosing your accountant and we would also recommend that you meet a number of accountants to make sure that you find one which meets your requirements, that you have rapport and trust with and that you are comfortable with. It’s worth speaking to business owners whose opinion you value to get recommendations or speak to a bookkeeper like ourselves as we know many accountants and can help to point you to accountants that we know well and can recommend.

If on reading this, you are someone who is looking for a new accountant or is just starting out in your business, you are very welcome to connect with me or give me a call if you think we can help you at The Bookkeeping Department on Tel: 01462 455455 or